For The Laid Back Remote Control Hobbyist RC Construction Toys Are The Way To Go

When we think about remote control most of us hobbyists think high speed. But if you’re into a more relaxed and laid back lifestyle you might find RC construction toys more to your liking.

Remote control is a popular hobby and has been for decades. But most people getting into this hobby are quick to follow the racing crowd with their rooster tail shooting speed boats, hill and rock crawling monster trucks and buggies, and the fast stunt planes.

On occasion, all that racing and obstacle navigating excitement gets to be too much for some of us. What do you do when that happens?

My answer is to power up my fleet of RC construction equipment, and build something.

When you take the time to let your imagination run wild you’ll dream up a whole list of projects to go to work on constructing with your heavy equipment.

Or simply ask any five to ten year old what they’d like to create with the , front loaders, and dump trucks. You’ll probably get a giggle from some of their suggestions.

And no doubt have a huge amount of fun at the construction site bringing their project ideas to life.

With the excavators, you’ll dig the dirt away to shape things like foundations, nature walks, lakes, and roadways. Loaders get the dug dirt out of the way. And haul it from the construction site.

For some ideas to get you started putting your construction fleet to work let me give you a few project thoughts off the top of my head. The plan here is to design each project large enough for later operation of your other radio control models.

Build a fish pond in the back yard.

Dig the hole you need with excavators. Scoop up the dirt with your front end loaders, and fill the dump truck beds. Then use the dump trucks to pile it out of the way for possible future use.

Build a small lake the same way. You’ll have the lake for your boating regattas after completion of your construction project.

Build a town or city.

Again you’ll use the excavators for shaping. This time for foundations. and dump trucks perform the same functions in this construction activity.

For this project, you’ll haul in building materials on semi flatbed trucks, and offload them with the forklifts.

Design a bigger project by combining the city and the lake ideas, and create a harbor town or fishing village.

Build a monster truck obstacle course.

You’ll want hills for climbing (the excavators pile the dirt for this), rock piles for crawling (delivered by the dump trucks and semi flatbeds), and mounds for jumping high into the air.

Build a highway system with two and four lanes with straight and winding stretches. Build them over your waterways by designing bridges.

Build race courses, paved oval, dirt oval, drag strips, and water courses.

Take some time to think on those ideas, and you’ll probably come up with a long list of other projects for your RC construction toys.

And when you involve those kids in the planning and construction phases you’ll all have a grand time.

You’ll enjoy your hobby in slow motion when use your RC construction toys to build your next remote control activity project.



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