Basic Remote Control Construction Equipment For Your Building Projects

When your kids and grandkids start their RC building projects they’ll want three basic remote control construction equipment tools.

Once they have their blueprint (or after they decide what type of scene they’ll build) the first operation they’ll perform is clearing the land. They’ll remove the grass, and level the construction area in preparation for building foundations and roads.

They need these three basic remote control equipment models to prepare and level the land for their project.


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With those three tools, your job site worker can erect a town, lay out a complex highway system, or build a recreation park. And many other event centers for running their other RC models.

They’ll have more fun with the event center they build themselves than they can by just running those cars and trucks up and down the street.

The excavator is the best construction tool for digging. With practice, the operator can remove the topsoil and keep it in a condition suitable for future landscaping use.

The kids use the excavators to shape the foundations of their buildings and roadbeds. They’ll also lift heavy objects into place with the excavator bucket.

The excavators work great when the kids are performing the rough digging and shaping activities. For leveling the land the front end loaders go to work.

Loaders scrape the roadbeds so the cars and trucks have level streets to drive on. Loaders even out the building foundations so the basement floors are smooth when completed.

Front end loaders scoop up the excess dirt that the excavators leave behind and move it away from the building area.

The excavator and loader functions pile up a lot of extra dirt around the construction site. The final piece of remote control construction equipment has the job of hauling that excess dirt away. This is the work of RC dump trucks.

The excavators and loaders fill their buckets with the loose dirt and empty those buckets into the beds of the dump trucks.

The dump trucks move the dirt to holding sites for future landscaping use. Or have your drivers spread the dirt into low areas around your yard to level the property out.

The excavators, loaders and dump trucks are your basic tools for remote control equipment projects. For maximum RC fun, the job calls for building a setup for playing with RC cars or trucks (such as a town, city, or race track). Your kids and grandkids need this starter fleet for creating the foundations that start the construction work.

When you draw up the blueprint for the project make sure get measurements for the largest size RC models you’ll run in your town, or on your roads and tracks. That way your kids or grandkids can share the results of the construction work with all their RC car and truck hobby friends.

When you introduce the kids or grandkids to the RC hobby, start them off with remote control construction equipment first. With the excavator, front end loader, and dump truck they can dream up all kinds of construction projects. They’ll build event centers that give them hours of RC fun. Think about the pleasure they’ll have with any other remote control model they take a fancy to.

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