Remote Control Construction Toys For Backyard Family Fun

Why not design a remote control event center. Then use a fleet of remote control construction toys for backyard family fun and entertainment? You can imagine, draw, and build a project with RC construction equipment, and get the kids and/or grandkids to help you.

You’ll have loads of fun building the project. And you’ll have a remote control layout when your construction is complete to use other RC models on for future fun activities.

Begin your project by asking the kids, or grandkids, for ideas about what type of event center you’ll build.

What remote control models do you operate most?

Does your RC hobby involve cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, or possibly a combination of two or more of those vehicles?

What scale do you run? Or do you have a collection of different scale models?

Do you have semi trucks to transport supplies to distant cities?

Do you have fishing trawlers, tugboats, and freighters for the harbor, and at sea, work?

Talk to those little ones about the models you’ll operate in your event center. Ask them if they think your project should include a city, small town, port of call, airport, and maybe a highway system coming to and from the city limits.

The imaginations of kids are amazing, and they might surprise you with the ideas they come up with.

Next, have them help you draw up the plans for your project. Measure the sizes of the models you’ll build it for, and calculate the dimensions of your buildings and roads to be sure your models fit.

Don’t forget to design in the heights your overhead obstacles must be for your models to clear. And double check the entranceways for any parking garages, and service centers.

Now it’s time to fire up the RC construction toys for your backyard construction site.

Bring in the to start clearing the land where you’ll erect your buildings. Use the excavators to dig out any lakes, and harbor areas your design calls for. The excavators are handy for digging your building foundations too.


Load the excess dirt into the beds of your fleet to haul it away to a collection point. If you have any low spots on your property you can use the dump trucks to create a landfill project for more RC construction toys backyard fun.


For the leveling work of your building foundations, you’ll use the . Scoop up the loose dirt, and scrape the surface smooth with the loader bucket. Fill the dump truck beds with the dirt you remove. You’ll also dig the roadbeds, and level them out with the front loaders in preparation for the road surfacing materials.

Okay, you have your land cleared, the foundations and roadbeds prepared, and the lakes and harbor dug. Now you’re ready to begin the building phase of your remote control construction toys project.

Deliver your building materials to the site with semi flatbed trucks. Unload the materials with forklifts. And lift them into place with your cranes.

As you, and the kids, build this project you’re giving them an excellent opportunity for learning. They learn how to research and design projects. And you’re helping to develop their motor skills too, as they operate that RC construction equipment to perform the finer sculpting jobs of your project.

This activity uses remote control construction toys for backyard family fun. That’s something the kids and grandkids will remember for years. And the result is a remote control event center that lets you enjoy your RC hobby far into the future.

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