Remote Control Construction Equipment

You Need An RC Loader To Move The Dirt Around Your Remote Control Construction Site

The remote control construction excavator digs the foundations, and piles the dirt to the side.

The RC dump truck hauls the dirt away from the construction site.

And the RC loader fills its bucket from the excavator's pile, and empties it into the dump truck bed for removal.

Get your RC loader today, and soon all that excess dirt will be a thing of the past.

Mighty Movers RC Loader

Engineering Series Front Loader RTR RC Loader

Front End RC Loader

Heavy Machine Remot Control Front Loader

RC Front End Loader

Small Front End Loader

Super Scraper RTR RC Loader

Wheeled Remote Control Loader

Mighty Mover's RC Loader

Your little construction site worker controls the operator, not the RC loader.

The operator puts the machine to work.

Command the driver to move the arm up and down.

Engineering Series Front End RC Loader

1/20 scale mini front loader tractor has working bucket arm to pick up and load construction materials.

Front End RC Loader

Enjoy hours of construction worksite activity with this full function loader.

The bucket works to scoop, and load when you're ready.

Heavy Machine Front Loader

Full function loader with working shovel arm.

Rechargeable battery is included.

RC Front End Loader

With a lift and dump bucket this RC loader is built for haulling.

Equipped with big construction tires that grip any construction site landscape condition.

Small Wired Front End Loader

Controller is wired to the RC loader so it can't get lost. The control powers the loader through the wire from the 4 AA battery power source.

Full function, rubber tires, and working bucket arm.

Super Scraper RTR RC Loader

Full function that includes stopping capabilities, and this RC loader comes ready for action as soon as you power it up.

The bucket moves up and down. This RC has working lights, sound effects, and muddy tires.

1/14 Scale Remote Control Front End Loader

Eight function RC loader is ready to run as soon as you get the batteries installed.