Here’s A Remote Control Construction Project Idea For Your RC Buggy

Most of the RC buggy layouts I see displayed are flat tracks. Sure they wind with lots of turns and switchbacks, but they’re always on flat ground. How about building a multilevel course for your buggy activity? And while you’re at it increase your hobby fun by building that course with remote control construction equipment.

My first introduction to buggies came when, as a kid, I watched them running around the beach in Florida. Of course those were full size buggies, and everybody called them dune buggies back then, but the operating environment works the same for an RC buggy.

You just need to adjust the scale of your driving area so it’s the right size for the buggies you’ll run on, and around, it.

Why not design a sand layout that includes dunes. You know – pile sand into hills and mounds. Then race your all terrain models around, and over them.

You can draw your design out as a blueprint, and power up the construction models to build it.

Sand is easy enough to get at any builder’s supply.

Choose a location for your “supply depot.” Deliver the sand to the depot on semi truck flatbeds, offload it into a pile with forklifts and front end loaders.

Then decide where you’ll build your sand dune park. Mark off the area from the blueprint as a guide so you can see where your going next as you create the project.

If you need to clear any of the area do it with the excavators, front loaders, and construction trucks. Pick up large objects, and place them on the trucks for removal. Then clear the ground by removing the sod, and any unwanted rock.

At the supply depot scoop the sand up with the front loaders and fill the dump truck beds. Haul the sand to the construction site, and dump it in a convenient place for equipment access.

Here’s something you’ll find helpful when you start constructing your dunes. Ever watch people building sand castles on the beach? Ever notice anybody trying to do that with dry sand? What happened? As soon as they deposit that dry sand it kind’ve falls all apart doesn’t it?

Dry sand does that because it’s loose, and doesn’t pack well.

So wet your sand before you start building your dunes. That way it’ll pack nice and hard – and hard packed sand holds up pretty well after you finish shaping it.

Start building your dunes with the excavators and front end loaders. Pile it nice and high, and broad enough that there’s plenty of room for the buggies to run around on the sand hills after the park is finished. Pack the sand tight by running your equipment all over it as you pile it.

You can invite your radio control hobby friends to help you with this construction project, and make it a social event.

After your sand dune park is completed invite your friends over again. This time for a day of buggy racing. Have a cookout, and make it an all day affair with different types of racing events.

You’ll have some great hobby fun with your RC buggy, racing around the sand dune park that you build with a fleet of remote control construction equipment.