Use RC Construction Toys To Build Your Remote Control Activity Center

Build A Remote Control Activity Center With RC Construction Toys

Think about all of the remote control toys you own or want to own. And then think about how you can set up activity areas for those models with your RC construction toys.

How many ways can you dream up for playing with those toys?

Just starting with RC cars the possibilities are many:

Build a town, maybe two or three towns, in your back yard.

Build a highway.

Build a farm layout.

Build a city.

Build a gas station.

Build a parking garage.

Build a drag strip.

Build an oval race course.

Build a bridge over a ravine or river.

Build a home with driveway and garage.

What about your radio control trucks?

Build a monster truck rally layout with hills and ramps to jump over vehicles.

Build a mountain for hill climbs.

Build a bog for a mudding competition.

Build a racetrack to race monster trucks, souped-up pickups, and racing semi- trucks.

Build a strip for drags and truck pulls.

Don’t forget your planes, helicopters, and blimps:

Build a small, rural airport for your private aircraft (the crop dusters, helicopters, and Cessnas).

Build a large municipal or international airport for the big commercial jets.

Build an airport with hangers to house your blimps.

Build a military air base for your birds of war.

For your boats:

Build a waterway, and port of call for the freighters, tankers, and other cargo ships.

Build a city harbor for the fire boats and tugs.

Build a lake for fishing boats, ski boats, sailing yachts, and pleasure cruisers.

Build a river for aquatic travel from city to city.

Some of these thoughts apply to you motorcycle enthusiasts too.

One thing all of these remote control projects have in common is you start with a piece of unfinished land (rough ground or grassy yard) to build your designed layout on.

Your first task for creating your activity center is clearing and preparing the land, and that’s when you use the RC construction toys.

Perform the land-clearing task with your . Dig away the sod, and place it to the side. As you scoop each bucket of dirt empty it into the waiting dump trucks, and as each truck bed fills, drive the dump truck to your dirt collection site. You’ll use that dirt later for some of your event center erection work.

After you dig away the dirt that you need removed for your project, do the rough leveling of your project foundation with the excavators, and then bring in the .

First, pick up the piled sod and distribute it on the flatbed semi-trucks. Drive it away with the semis to your sod storage area. That sod will make landscaping efforts easier at the end of your construction job.

Then put the loaders to work on the final foundation leveling. Empty the loader buckets into the for removal.

Once you’ve dug away the dirt to form your layout foundation you’re ready to start building.

Flatbed semis haul the building materials to the job site, forklifts unload the materials from the semis, and radio control cranes lift the materials into place.

By the way, you can create some of these projects indoors. But instead of designing a flat layout over a large area consider making it a multi-level project. Build your town or city upward.

Either way, you’ll have hours of fun building your creation using your RC construction toys.