RC Monster Truck Events With Remote Control Construction Equipment

An RC Monster Truck Project
That’s Fun For The Whole Neighborhood

Before the crowds and any RC monster truck shows up, construction crews haul in the dirt, and junk vehicles for crushing, and then create the remote control construction and monster truck layout that gives audiences that thrilling show.

You can’t hold an rally without an obstacle course of some kind, can you? Why not make a complete project out of your neighborhood monster truck show?

First, draw your layout on paper so you know the exact dimensions and look of your finished course. Select an area for the course, and mark it off with flags or string so you know where the boundaries are.

Bring in the radio control excavators. Remove the sod, and haul it away in the dump trucks. Dig the dirt from your course area to form the shape where you’ll place the jumping hills, mud bogs, and target vehicles for the monster trucks to attack. Using the loaders pile the dirt just to the side of your layout so it’s handy. You’ll use that dirt to make your dirt mounds for truck jumping and climbing.

Using the loaders and graders level the area roughly. You won’t want a perfectly smooth surface for this event.

Now it’s time to detail each feature (where each hill goes, the location of the mud bogs and the position of the vehicles your monster trucks will crush and jump. Use the graders, excavators, and loaders for this operation.

Excavate the dirt to form a pit for the mud bog. Later you’ll fill this with water and make the mud with loose dirt carried back to it with the loaders.

Have the loader operators haul dirt to the hill sites, and start your piles. Fire up the RC crane, and build your hills to your desired height.

The final step here (not necessarily last on your list) is transporting and positioning the vehicles with the loaders.

Upon completion of your remote control monster truck obstacle course you’re ready to hold your big rally.

Let the neighborhood kids know when the big event will happen. Put signs in your yard to inform everyone. Invite all the RC monster truck owners you know, and challenge them to radio control competitions on your course.

Schedule an all-day neighborhood event with a pitch-in cookout and remote control fun. It’s a great way to meet new friends and refresh old friendships.

And the kids will have a fun day too.