RC Spaghetti Laced Highway System Built With RC Construction Toys

Use RC construction toys, an RC spaghetti laced highway system that tests and improves your skills for driving all your other remote control cars and trucks.

Ever seen pictures of the highway systems around Los Angeles?

RC Spaghetti Laced Highway SystemEver visit California and get the unique experience of driving around that maze of roads?

Maybe you live there and drive that system every day.

The first time I visited Los Angeles I took a while to figure out how to get where I needed to go. Driving around those complicated highway systems in California’s major cities tests a first time visiting driver’s sanity.

At first glance, those roads stack on top of each other endlessly. They appear to cross multiple times for miles and then start crossing each other all over again.

An RC Spaghetti Laced Highway System For Remote Control

To build your RC spaghetti laced highway system first get a picture of the layout you want to create. Draw up a blueprint that details the scale of your project. Make sure the measurements for width and overhead clearance allow for every size remote control model you’ll drive around your highway system.

Make your system super complex. Wind your roads in and around, back and forth. Design hairpin turns, and steep inclines. Create bridges that span long distances overhead, and then dive into the spaghetti mix of roadway below.

Bring In The Remote Control Construction Equipment

Start with the trucks. Use flatbed semis to deliver your raw materials to the construction site. Haul in the extra dirt you need with your .

Power up your and use them to shape the foundation of your ground level roadways. Let the excavator buckets pile dirt for the elevated surfaces. Make sure you leave gaps between your mounds of dirt for building your bridges.

Drive your construction equipment over the foundation areas to pack the dirt solid. You don’t want your elevated roadways collapsing onto lower areas.

Use cranes to lift your road surfacing, guard rail, and bridge materials into position.

Your forklifts take the materials from the cranes and move them to the areas where you’ll install them.

Does your blueprint call for tunnels that run under some roads?

make great tools for digging those tunnels through elevated areas. They also work well for positioning the materials delivered by the forklifts into their installation spot. Just load those materials into the loader bucket, and move them into place.

When you’re ready to do the final leveling of your road surfaces you’ll use the loaders again, along with bulldozers and graders to prepare the surface for the road material. Use cement or blacktop materials for your road surface.

Don’t Keep Your Highways To Yourself

Next, call all your radio control toy friends, and invite them to drive around your highway system.

With your RC construction toys, you just created an RC spaghetti laced highway system – a maze of highways, bridges, and tunnels. It’s a system to test the driving skills of every remote control hobbyist.