A Remote Control Construction Project For Your Kids Or Grand Kids

Consider this remote control construction project for you and the kids or grand kids.

Last year I had a swimming pool in my back yard, and took it down in the fall because of age and deterioration.

Yesterday I looked at the pool left in the yard, wondering whether to install a new pool, or fill the spot with dirt and seed it, when the idea struck me for a great remote control construction project to work on with the kids or grandchildren.

When I first prepared that spot for my pool I dug up the sod, spent time inspecting and removing every rock from the site, and covered it with sand. Quite a lot of sweat poured from my body during that effort, and even more when I leveled, and smoothed, that sand with a rake.

As I thought about all that work, and the work necessary to ready the site for the next pool, the project idea made the light shine bright.

This idea promises a fun-filled exercise for your kids or grandchildren since happiness to them equals the time you spend with them.

And think about the pleasure you get from those gleeful faces as they reflect that happiness back at you.

Get together with the little ones and decide what type of pool you’ll install. Once you know the dimensions and shape of the site the pool will occupy, start drawing out your construction site “blueprints.” Create pictures showing the finished look of the site and its dimensions starting with sod removal, then digging dirt to form an indentation, and hauling in the sand for the pool to sit on.

Next bring in the . Their first job is removing the sod in pieces, and moving them to piles at the side of their working area. Size the sod pieces for the loaders to carry away.

As the excavator places the sod onto its pile the loaders come in, pick the pieces up, and carry them to the for removal.

After removing the sod start the excavators working on digging a small indentation in the pool site. Later you’ll fill this area with sand for the pool to sit on. Use the excavator to place the dirt in piles for the loaders. Control the excavator’s digging to keep the resulting surface as level as possible. Later the graders will finish the rough leveling in preparation for the sand.

Use the loaders to carry the dirt to the waiting dump trucks just like they carried the sod in the earlier stages of the operation.

With the trucks, move the sod and dirt to staging areas. If you have bald or uneven, spots in your yard you now have material for landscaping efforts. Include the landscaping in your construction blueprints and plans before you start the pool site excavation.

Make sure nothing sticks out of the ground where your pool will sit. The best approach for this is by hand. Cranes work, but they take a lot of time for this step, and that gets boring for the kids. They’ll lose patience too quickly for an RC operation of that type.

Finally dump the sand in piles on your site, use the to spread the sand around the site roughly, then bring in the graders for smoothing, and your site is ready for your pool.

You’ll spend time performing this project, but think of the fun for the kids. If you start this project in the early spring you’ll complete it in time for the hot weather when you really need a pool for cooling off.

And remember, this is a remote control construction project that your kids will thank you for all summer long.