A Remote Control Construction Project For Those With Limited Space

This remote control construction project is ideal for anybody who has a small back yard – it also works for someone who lives in an apartment and has no yard at all.

Design and construct a stacked road/city layout for remote control vehicle driving.

This project also works well for small areas like a corner of the back yard, or your child’s bedroom.

Instead of spreading the scene out take a futuristic approach to this RC construction project and vertically rather than horizontally.

Draw out a schematic that stacks the roads upward as they connect to buildings in a multi-level city.

Design the road system so the streets wind around and loop over each other as they weave to and even through parking garages, office, store, and apartment buildings.

Make sure you build roads wide enough to allow two-way traffic for the size of RC vehicles you plan to operate in your model – don’t forget to allow for the height of your RCs between the city layers – and provide ramps for each road to enter, and leave, the city.

That allows visitors from out-of-town and lets the town residents leave for a country drive.

Include spaces in front of the buildings so visitors can stop to drop off, and pick up, passengers, a parking garage or two for shopping stops and business meetings, and parking spaces for the houses you construct in the residential area.

Don’t forget to place parks around the city for recreational purposes.

Once your design is ready, start the foundation for your remote control construction project with the RC excavators. Since you’re using a space saving concept for the city this step won’t take long and if your design is for indoor construction you won’t need the excavators for clearing the area at all.

If you’re building your project outside make sure you use materials that withstand the weather in your area. You’ll want the completed model to endure the elements and consider elevating the town foundation to guard against flooding. (If your property is prone to flooding where you live.)

Using rod material for pillars and supports, and plywood for roadbeds, buildings, and building platforms, build your city skyward.

Cut and shape each piece to scale off site, and deliver your parts on your .

Use radio control cranes to lift the materials into position.

Front loaders and forklifts help make supplies ready for the construction workers and carry materials up into the construction site as it grows.

Speaking of workers, give your children and grandkids a thrill by including them in this project from start to finish.

Once you complete the structure of your radio control city create the realistic look with outer wall coverings for the buildings, imitation grass for the parks and lawns, give the sidewalks that cement look, and pave the roads.

Now you’re ready to populate the town with remote control vehicles and give it that thriving city appearance.

Won’t those kids have a blast with your remote control construction project creation?