Remote Control Construction Projects – What Strikes Your Fancy?

The number of remote control construction projects you can build is limited only to the reach of your imagination.

Check it out yourself.

Get out a piece of paper, and pencil or pen. Sit down and start thinking about the things you can do with your .

For help getting your flow of ideas going take out your construction vehicles, and line them up in front of you. If you haven’t started collecting your radio control construction models yet use pictures of the different equipment for this brainstorming exercise.

As you look at each one you’ll find ideas forming in your head. List each idea on your paper as it comes to you.

A few moments into this exercise you’ll find yourself in a groove of creativity, and your list will grow quickly. You might find you need more than one piece of paper before you’re finished.

The first RC construction tool in the actual build phase of your remote control construction projects is the excavator.

  • Look at your excavator (stare at it as long as you need).
  • What different things can you do with an excavator?
  • How many different ways can you use each of those things once they’re completed?
  • What kind of remote control related activities need each of the finished products an excavator supplies?

Consider these thoughts as you look at that excavator:

  • Where will you build your project once the planning phase is done?
  • Are there any mounds of dirt, gravel, or material in that space? The excavator is useful for moving that stuff out of the way and leveling your construction space.
  • With an excavator, you can dig a hole. What about a construction project that needs a pond, lake, or even a mud bog? If you plan a town won’t you need to dig foundations for the buildings?
  • Use the excavator to make piles. Do you think you can design a project that uses a hill? Maybe something for four-wheel hill climbs, or a town on a hillside?

What about your ?

  • The front loader can help the excavator during the clearing effort.
  • Front loaders do the job of carrying material away from the immediate construction area. Loaders are more mobile than excavators.
  • For the final leveling of your construction site loaders have more versatility than excavators. How many projects can you visualize that use various conditions of smooth or rough terrain?

RC cranes spark a few ideas too:

  • How about projects for villages, towns, and cities.
  • Think of different designs that need bridges, high-rise buildings, parking garages, houses, etc.
  • You’ll use the cranes to lift materials into place. Where else can you put them to use?

What ideas do RC construction trucks spark:

  • Flat beds haul all of your building materials to your construction site. Think about the variety of projects you’ll build, and all the different kinds of materials each project needs.
  • Dump trucks haul excess soil and rock away from the site as the loaders fill their truck beds.
  • RC cement trucks move in to deliver any concrete your construction project requires. What different ways can you incorporate cement into your designs?

These thoughts are teasers to excite your creative energies.

Try this exercise yourself, and soon you’ll have a list of remote control construction projects to give you RC hobby fun for months.