Remote Control Racing In The Desert With RC Toys

Here’s a remote control racing project that one of our military members might have brought to my thoughts.

Recently I received an email asking me about monster trucks. The message came from outside the US, and the sender stated that he and some friends were interested in racing RC trucks in their spare time.

The content and wording of the message led me to believe the sender is a soldier on deployment and I immediately thought of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the sandy, desert type conditions of the terrain in those countries.

With that in mind, I started thinking about a project for building a racetrack in a desert environment to give our heroes some fun time activities to take their minds off their stressful day jobs.

Remote Control Racing Project For Desert Terrain

The first part of this project is the building of the racetrack itself. They’ll use remote control construction equipment for this phase.

Excavators will clear the area, leveling out the surface for the racers. They’ll want three different layout styles of a race track for their racing fun, an oval for NASCAR and open wheel race car events, a grand prix configuration, and a straight track for drag racing.

Front loaders scrape the excess sand smooth the surface even further, and carry that loose soil to load the dump trucks that haul the extra sand away to a deposit site.

Once they finish those operations they have the three smooth tracks for racing any style radio control racing vehicle, and the opportunity to stage a large variety of racing events.

If they race only RC monster trucks they don’t need the construction equipment to build the smooth race track layouts, but they miss out on the fun of those creative efforts too.

Desert Racing Means More Care For RC Toys

One thing to consider when selecting the remote control toys for this project is the environment where they’re staging their racing events.

Since the result of this creation will occupy sandy, dusty soil a higher level of maintenance is required for the RC models.

First, they should look for vehicles that are sealed against dusty conditions, and after each race take time to clean all moving parts and unclog the vents where cooling air enters into the motor compartments.

Now that’s an opportunity for our soldiers to de-stress and have some fun too.

Make This Project A Family & Friends Event

Here’s another thought. If you have loved ones fighting for our freedom why not get together with the families of their combat friends and collaborate this project with those family members?

Each family can get different remote control models for their soldier, write a coordinated suggestion about creating this project to the group, and surprise them with shipping of the RC toys planned to reach each of them on the same day.

Why let them have all the remote control racing fun with this operation?