Use RC Construction Toys For Your Fall Chores

As summer winds down, and the new season cools the air, fall chores give you a great opportunity to power up the RC construction toys.

Now’s the time to start planning for the cold, and getting the plants around your lawn and garden ready for their winter’s sleep. And those heavy equipment models that sat on the remote control display shelves through the summer just waiting for something to do, now have a lot of jobs.

Landscaping for winter means mulching around all those trees in your yard, and the garden plants you want to see return next year. Mulch helps protect the roots from winter’s devastating cold, so when warm weather comes back those plants are ready to spring forth with new growth.

Start with the semi truck flatbeds, and haul the mulch to a central distribution point where it’s easy to get to.

To move the material from the flatbed to the plant location you’ll use the dump trucks. Load the dump trucks by scooping the mulch from the flat beds with your front end loaders.

Prepare the mulch site by digging a bed around each plant with your excavators. You want a shallow bed that allows a thick enough layer of mulch to make sure the plant is adequately protected.

Deliver the mulch to the plants with the dump trucks, empty the material into the mulch bed, and sculpt the bed area with the excavators and front loaders.

Your RC construction toy’s fall chores don’t stop with guarding your plants against the cold with mulch.

As fall progresses the leaves on your trees start to turn color. It’s beautiful to watch that color change, but at the end of the change the leaves start to drop off the trees.

And they cover everything around your yard with a leaf layer that makes your lawn an unsightly thing to look at.

Power up that remote control construction equipment again to get rid of those dead leaves.

Start with the front end loaders. Scoop the leaves into the buckets, and move them to a convenient gathering place. Then pile them for easy access. Using both the excavators and the front loaders fill the dump beds, and drive the trucks into a large lawn bag. Dump the bed of leaves into the bag, and drive back to the pile for more.

Think about what other fall chores you can employ your heavy equipment for.

Make it a fun event. Get the kids and grand kids to join you with the landscaping operation. Watch for the big grins that brings to those little faces.

With a little imagination you can dream up all kinds of tasks for the after summer season, and put your RC construction toys to use taking care of those fall chores.


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