Use RC Construction Toys To Make A Replica Of Wolf Creek Pass

Test your remote control driving skills and those of your friends, with a mountain road you build with your RC construction toys. Make this a scaled replica of Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado and you’ll have hairpin turns and switch back curves to give you fun times for all your radio control models.

Get yourself some pictures and measurements of the pass from before 2000. Construction efforts widened the road into multiple lanes during the period of 2000 to 2007. Before that the road was two lane. It’s much easier to navigate now.

I learned from a trip through the pass in 1976 that the road on the west side of the mountain was the scarier drive. Driving your RC vehicles up and down that west road will give you lots of experience for your remote control hobby. Winding back and forth I thought I’d never get to the end. But it is a very scenic drive, and still a cherished memory.

When you draw out your blueprint for this project make sure you include the trees and mountain views. Your pictures will show you how to plan the snaking road and surrounding area.

Remote Control Flatbed Semi Truck
With your planned project drawn out on paper haul the RC construction toys to the construction site with your flatbed semi trucks. Use the flatbeds to deliver your trees and the raw materials for building the road to the job site too.

Put the dump trucks to work hauling in the dirt you’ll build the mountain with.

Start with the excavators. Start piling the dirt into the shape of the mountain. Drive your construction equipment around on the piled dirt to pack it down.

When your mountain gets high enough and steep enough, bring in the front loaders to help the with their piling work.

Next, use the excavators and loaders to shape a foundation for the road. Make it turn back and forth with the hairpins and switch backs that you drew on your blueprint, mimicking the pictures. After you dig out your road bed make sure you pack it tight. Then put your road surface down.

Now it’s time to plant your trees on the mountainside. Move them into place with the or semis. Dig holes for the trees’ placements with the excavators. Position the trees with the front loaders.

When you’re finished with the construction work of building your Wolf Creek Pass replica you’re ready to go for a scenic mountain drive.

Call in all your remote control hobby friends, and get traffic going up and down both sides of the mountain.

Blend the vehicles so you have semi trucks, cars, motorcycles, and pickup trucks driving together, and passing as they negotiate the snaking road.

With this mountain project, built with your RC construction toys, you’ll have hours of fun. And you’ll hone your remote control driving skills too.