RC Construction Excavator Shovel Truck For Family Fun

Most of the time you need to transport your excavator to the construction site on a flatbed semi truck. Excavators are just too slow to drive from job site to job site. But here’s an RC construction excavator shovel truck designed for over-the-road movement.

This remote control digger allows you to perform your building activities with a smaller construction equipment fleet.

Think how much faster you can put your excavator to work if you don’t need to waste time loading it, and unloading it, onto and off of the flatbed.

This fantastic RC has full function radio control allowing you to steer this machine in any direction.

You can lift, drop, and pivot the shovel arm just like the real thing by only pressing the buttons on the transmitter.

Get the Construction Shovel Truck Electric RC Vehicle, and you and the kids will enjoy plenty of construction quality time.


  • REAR EXCAVATOR: Features a rear excavator built into the rear of the truck · Excavator can rotate a full 360 degrees · Excavator arm can rise to over 12 inches high
  • MOVES IN ALL DIRECTIONS: Full function controls allow car to go forward and backward, turn left and right · Adjustable front wheel alignment · Battery operated
  • LED LIGHT SHOW: Bright LED headlights while in use · Flashing multi-colored LED siren light · Wheels wrapped in rubber tires for maximum grip
  • BATTERY REQUIREMENTS/AGE RANGE: Recommended for ages 6+ and up · Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) · Remote Control requires 2 AA Batteries (not included)
  • SIZE DIMENSIONS: Approx. dimensions, 14 x 6 x 3 inches

With the RC construction shovel truck, you can help your kids dig up the whole yard.

Won’t that be fun quality time?

Do you need a digger for your fleet? Maybe the RC construction excavator shovel truck is the perfect piece of equipment to get your build project off to a successful start.

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